Tank Cleaning

Since 2013 we have started developing our tank cleaning capability, and have conducted projects in Malta and Tunisia. This is a developing business and we look forward to teamimg up with industry experts to build the further industrial cleaning capability and availability to our clients in the Mediterranean.

Our past tank cleaning projects involved rigs from Noble Corporation, Ensco and Rowan. We have also conducted tank cleaning operations in Tankmed's oil terminal in Tunisia.

We have in-house experience and personnel qualified in:

  • Cleaning from residues of heavy fuel oil, crude, diesel, drilling muds etc…
  • Cleaning up to gas-free certification, in preparation for hot work purposes
  • Cleaning up to ‘pristine’ grade
  • Waste disposal

HSE Managers are always extremely satisfied with the professional approach during the execution of each project, as well as the results of our work:

  • We have cleaned fuels tanks back to gas-free certification, in preparation for hot work purposes.
  • When required, staff work shifts that allow projects to continue 24 hours non-stop and complete works in record times.
  • We have conducted works in yards as well as offshore.

Experienced professionals are also available through partners who bring sophisticated cleaning technologies including:

  • cleaning heads where there is restricted man entry;
  • cold cutting using water jet;
  • vacuum systems engineered for optimum performance after due consideration of the tank design and specific gravity of material; and
  • automated tank cleaning including also experienced installation of BLABO® systems (through international commercial partners)

We work with these partners, providing in-country support and manpower from OSRA INTERNATIONAL's Mediterranean bases. Their state-of-the-art compliments our in-country capabilities.

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