Emergency Spill Response

AOST is a founding member of OSRA INTERNATIONAL, the largest oil spill response organization, operating from Malta and Greece and with collaborating partners across the Mediterranean. Our North Africa operations are paused during this period but we can help engage local and regional services upon request.

Through OSRA INTERNATIONAL, we provide spill response equipment rental services and in-country Tier 2 stand-by support to oil & gas exploration and production companies, and are keen to work world-wide through hiring our resources to ships, oil & gas companies, salvors and others that may require our assistance.

OSRA INTERNATIONAL delivers its services through its strategically located own and partner bases spread across the Mediterranean. We believe that emergency response is only best offered through a network of in-country presences around the Mediterranean, thus ensuring:

  • Rapid Response (from as low as 2 hours)
  • One tariff which applies throughout all its bases
  • Clients that opt to take out a stand-by contract, are covered by a single contract for the whole Mediterranean, and also highly reduced mobilisation costs upon call out

The OSRA INTERNATIONAL network ensures the availability of an escalation mechanism which is supported by agreements with global response organisations.


24x7 Mediterranean Emergency Response number +35699666000

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