About Us

AOST provides a suite of integrated logistics solutions for the Shipping and Oil and Gas sectors, with a special focus on Europe, Middle East and Africa. We boast of excellent business relationships with the industry supply side, as well as a long history of investment in the group’s internal capability to deliver supporting services. This positions us as the provider of choice for emergency and environmental preparedness and response, training and a range of professional services that support many governments, ship owners, energy companies and other corporate clients.

AOST’s team have the experience to take the burdens of operating from a difficult environment, and allow the client’s teams to focus on the operational objectives. We have delivered support for several multi-million projects, from the coordinating projects to purchase of highly technical instruments to logistical support for the laying of a sub-sea gas pipeline.

Throughout the years, we have worked with and have been entrusted to represent many big names. We provide, deploy and service products for oil spill containment, fire-extinguishing equipment, sounding devices, and fluorescent signage.

Born in 1990, AOST has grown organically to become a well-known name investor in the sectors that provide the support services. AOST runs a nautical school; and have developed and run internationally accredited training courses in oil spill response. We also co-own and operate OSRA INTERNATIONAL - a network of oil spill response bases across the Mediterranean coastal states.

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AOST is a group of Companies engaged in services to the energy and shipping industries.